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Most Common Types of Pet Poisoning
March 27, 2023

Pet poisoning cases are more common than most people would think. According to a survey, pet poisonings in the U.S. exceed 232,000 cases every year. Moreover, most of these were not caused by apparent poisons like rat poison, but by ordinary household substances. While many may think it came from neglect of the pet owner, it is more accurate to say it came from a lack of knowledge.

Dangers of Bad Dental Health in Dogs
February 22, 2023

The American Veterinary Medical Association stresses the importance of good dental health in dogs. Studies show that good dental health is a key part of good general health. It may be difficult at times to maintain your dog’s oral health on your own, since most dogs do not like getting their teeth brushed. Opting for a professional dental cleaning at your local veterinarian is always a good idea. Here are the dangers of bad dental health in dogs that you can prevent with proper dental care.

Benefits of Nutritional Counseling for Pets
January 16, 2023

There are many commercial pet food options available. Yet, pet parents should be mindful of their pet's unique nutritional needs. Ignoring nutrition's role in your pet’s health can have severe consequences. Pets that receive a balanced, nutritious diet are more likely to have a healthy immune system. They also have shiny coats and good energy levels.

Common Types of Pet Emergencies That Warrant an Urgent Care Visit
December 29, 2022

Like humans, pets have life-or-death situations that require urgent attention. Even without veterinary training, you need to know the signs of an animal in distress. At these moments, seeking immediate medical assistance can be the difference between life and death.

Signs of Cancer in a Dog
November 22, 2022

Dogs tend to face various health issues, especially as they age. Common health issues affecting pets include arthritis, organ problems, cognitive decline, and cancer. Studies suggest that one in four dogs will get cancer. 

Pet Pain Management With Your Veterinarian
October 13, 2022

Like their human companions, pets can experience chronic or acute pain. Unfortunately, they cannot express or describe their pain in words. While your furry friend may experience acute pain occasionally, they may be dealing with an undiagnosed chronic condition.

Getting Prescriptions for Your Pet: FAQ
September 15, 2022

When you take your pet to the vet because they're not feeling well, you may get a prescription for medication to address a certain illness or ailment. You will need to get the exact prescription for the medicine to be effective. It is to be expected that many pet parents have questions about the prescriptions they get. Some may not understand why their pet needs it in the first place. Here are some frequently asked questions about prescriptions that many pet parents may have about animal medication.

Senior Pet Care: What Changes as Pets Get Older?
August 3, 2022

As your pet ages, you can expect changes in its health, habits, and overall behavior. Today, pets are living longer, thanks to advances in vet medicine. With an increased lifespan, there is an increase in different types of ailments that affect senior pets.

Summer Pet Safety: Hot Cars, Burnt Paws, and More
July 18, 2022

Everybody loves summer, even pets. It is usually the best time for many to be out and enjoy all the sunshine and blue skies. Temperatures stay warm and keep rising as the sun shines brighter. However, taking care of your pet is ideal at this time of the year as it can pose some risks to them. Read on to find out what you need to keep in mind for summer pet safety.

How to Entertain Your Dog While at Work
June 30, 2022

As a dog owner, you probably wish you could spend more time with your pet. However, you must work and may have to leave your dog behind. The long hours you spend at work can be boring for a dog home alone. It can also be stressful since you wonder how they are getting along in your absence. Here are some activities that can keep them busy as you work.

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