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Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility. It is important to do what it takes to ensure that your furry friend is happy and healthy. Doggie daycare is becoming an increasingly popular option among pet owners. There are many reasons for placing your dog in daycare. Most dogs do not get adequate stimulation at home. They also lack the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

Here are some benefits of sending your pet to doggie daycare.


Preventing Loneliness


One of the huge benefits of doggie daycare is that it keeps dogs from experiencing loneliness. Many dogs remain home alone when their owners are at work. The truth is that, just like humans, dogs get lonely when left alone all day. When dogs are lonely, they often get bored and anxious, and this leads to destructive behavior. They might turn to unwanted actions like chewing on furniture. Your new couch could be at the receiving end of your dog’s boredom.


Socialization and Exercise


Doggie daycare offers dogs the opportunity to socialize and do the things that dogs love. Meeting other dogs and playing with them will provide much-needed exercise and stimulation. Many dogs do not interact with other dogs when at home. This deprives them of socialization, something necessary for any animal.

At the daycare, dogs learn how to behave and play with other dogs. Some daycares offer endless play, while others have playgroups and set playtimes for dogs.


Doggie Daycare Facilities


Doggie daycares offer different facilities and supervised playtime for the dogs under their care. Some provide grooming services for the dogs. Your pet can benefit from hair and nail trimming even as they enjoy their playtime. This means that you can save on the extra cost of grooming for your pet. Find out about the services offered when choosing a daycare for your dog.


Enjoy Peace of Mind


When you take your dog to daycare, you will not have to worry about those late nights. If you have to work late, you will be at peace knowing that your dog is not alone in the dark. You can also confidently make social plans after work, knowing that your dog is in good hands. Your dog can remain in daycare until you pick him or her up. It helps to know that you don’t have to let someone into your home to look after your dog.


Essential Human Contact


When dogs stay home alone, they lack vital human contact. Dogs need contact not just to promote bonding but also for their health and well-being. At the daycare, the staff interacts with the dogs constantly. The dogs get interaction, a good rub, scratching behind the ears, treats, or even a good cuddle. The dogs get plenty of attention, and they do not have to get bored when their owners are away.

Doggie daycare is relatively affordable. This means that you will not have to worry about high costs. Do your research and compare doggie daycares in your area so that you can find the best option for your budget and needs. Your dog will also enjoy a change in scenery while making new friends.


To know more about doggie daycare, visit Eastern Animal Hospital’s website at, and read about our New Doggie Daycare facility, complete with indoor and outdoor play areas, agility equipment, and seasonal activities.  Call Eastern Animal Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland for further information or to book your Dogs’ FREE Daycare Evaluation, at 410-633-8808.  Your dog will thank you! 

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