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First Steps After Getting a New Pet

First Steps After Getting a New Pet



The first few days after bringing a new pet home can be exciting and unnerving. Being in a new environment can be stressful for the pet and you. However, you can do some things to make the transition easier for you and your new pet. 


Preparing for the new family member begins before you bring the pet home. You need to understand the first steps after getting a new pet. 



Preparing the Family



When you decide to get a new pet, you need to involve everyone in the home. The new addition will affect everyone’s life, so it is necessary to ensure that everyone is on board. Having a pet is a huge commitment, making it important to determine everyone’s role in pet duties. 


You can avoid many arguments by simply talking about the different issues beforehand. Determine where the pet will sleep, the areas they can access, and the rooms that may be off-limits. 



Stocking up on Supplies



Make sure that you have all the supplies the pet will need. Some of the items you need include food and water bowls, bed and beddings, crate, collar, and leash. You will also need some toys and special cleaners for removing stains and odors. 


Talk to your vet about the best food for your pet. Getting the supplies early will help ensure you avoid rushing to the store at the last moment. 



Preparing the Home



It is vital to prepare your home for the new pet. Create a gated-off space where the pet can remain to avoid harming themselves or causing damage in your absence. Regardless of the pet’s age, you will need to train them to avoid accidents. 


House-training your pet will make it easier for them to be comfortable in the home. Puppy-proof the home by keeping away anything that can hurt your pet. Lock away chemicals, medicines, and anything else that can be harmful.



Training the Pet 



The earlier you start pet training, the easier it will go, and the more the lessons will stick. You need to teach your pet good manners or how to behave around the home. The most important lessons are house training and socializing. 


It is vital to get them comfortable around other pets and people. Crate training your pet will make it easier for them to get used to the equipment. Several resources can help you train your pet.



Finding a Good Vet



Make sure you get a vet for your new pet. Taking your pet for the first vet visit should be a pleasant experience for your new pooch. Get referrals from your friends and family or other pet owners in your neighborhood. 



Having a good vet will help ensure that your new family member is in good health. You can get preventive care and receive tips about taking good care of your pet.


The earlier you set a routine, the easier it will be to house train and reassure your pet. Create schedules for meals, walks, bathroom breaks, and other forms of exercise, and stick to the schedule. Remember to get your dog's license. 


For more on getting a new pet, visit Eastern Animal Hospital at our office in Baltimore, Maryland. You can call 410-633-8808 today to schedule an appointment.

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