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How to Entertain Your Dog While at Work

As a dog owner, you probably wish you could spend more time with your pet. However, you must work and may have to leave your dog behind. The long hours you spend at work can be boring for a dog home alone. It can also be stressful since you wonder how they are getting along in your absence. Here are some activities that can keep them busy as you work.


Enroll Them in Doggy Daycare


If your dog socializes well with other pets, taking them to an animal daycare can be ideal. These facilities have staff who have experience keeping your pet active and safe. Look for one near your home or office that fits your work schedule. Ask fellow pet owners for recommendations on the ideal daycare facility.


For antisocial dogs, you can hire a dog walker. Schedule visits with them to walk your dog during your working hours.


Get a Companion


You can get an additional dog to be your pet’s companion. Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is beneficial to both animals. Your dog gains a friend while the other gets shelter and food.


Ensure that the new companion is healthy and has gone through all the necessary vaccinations. Some dog shelters can allow you to foster the dog first before adopting it.


Television or Music


However crazy this may seem, it works. There are television sites with special programming for dogs. Just like humans, dogs also like lazing around watching TV. Several scientific studies show that dogs can listen to classical music. It encourages relaxation and reduces negative behaviors that cause stress and anxiety.


Food-dispensing Toys


These toys are a popular way of entertaining your dog in your absence. They are cute dispensing gadgets where you can put a variety of treats. To make it more interesting, have a variety of toys that you can interchange. Pets that need more physical and intellectual exercise go for a dog puzzle. These are interactive toys that can keep your pet busy for hours.


High Level of Activity at the Beginning of the Day


If you can start the day with a lot of activity, it can help tire your dog. Doing this reduces the chance of it being restless when you are away. You can try to wake up half an hour earlier than usual and take your pet for a walk or run.


If you do not want to go out, a few minutes of play around the house or garden can reduce the chances of destructive behavior.


Leave a Window Open


Giving your dog access to an open window helps keep your dog busy. It can stare at activities going on outside when resting. The activities outdoors help grab their attention and pass the time faster. It is an alternative means of entertainment once they stop playing with toys around the house. Smaller dogs may need a chair with a comfortable pillow or blanket close to a window.


There are many other ways to occupy your dog’s day home alone. All you need is creativity.


To know how to entertain your dog while at work, call Eastern Animal Hospital at (410) 633-8808 to reach our office in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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