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How to Prepare Your Pet for Holiday Boarding

Holiday boarding for pets is a convenient and reliable way to leave your pet comfortable. Going on vacation is your time to relieve yourself from the stress of life. Your pet also deserves a holiday and deserves proper care. 

There is nothing like traveling and resting assured that your pet is safe. But it is crucial to note that before enrolling your pet for boarding, they need to be ready. There are various ways you can prepare your pet for holiday boarding. Doing so will ensure you both enjoy your vacations.

Consider a Boarding Trial

Consider practicing the boarding facility routine and separation. Your pet needs to be free of separation anxiety. You can take your pet to the boarding facility of your choice for at least a day and see how they cope.

Take your pet to the facility before the enrollment date. Doing so eases them into a new environment. The new daily routine requires psychological preparation for both you and your pet. Change may work better and can last longer with prior adaptation and trial.

If the boarding facility has a daycare center, consider taking your pet. Doing so helps them to socialize with other pets and makes it easier for boarding. Thus, gives them socialization training. They get a chance to interact with strangers and pets they rarely see. Giving the boarding staff and your pet an opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other is good.

Adjust Sleeping Habits

Your pet may love sleeping with you on the same bed. It is ideal to start training to sleep alone for purposes of adapting well to the boarding facility. They may get upset during the first day, but consistency will lead to adaptability. Train them to enjoy sleeping alone if they are new to such a routine.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

Your pet is likely to be more comfortable in a boarding facility if they use what they know. Ask the facility managers whether you can bring your pet’s bed or favorite rag. There is no comfort like what comes from the home, no matter how comfortable the boarding facility you pick is. 

Visit Your Veterinarian

It is ideal to consider taking your pet for a checkup at the veterinarian. Pet boarding facilities only accept vaccinated animals. Take a few days before the boarding date to go for the vaccines. Doing so early is critical. The medicine usually takes some time to begin being effective. 

Update their vaccination and any preventative care needed. It is crucial to do so before mingling with other pets. Take care of their shots at least two weeks before the enrollment day. 

Make Your Goodbye Quick

Leaving your pet for a short time tortures them, let alone for a few days. It is common for pet owners to cry and sob when saying their goodbyes. Leaving them in this state will cause them anxiety and distress.

A long goodbye can give your pet hints that something out of the normal is happening. Instead, bid them goodbye as if you are going to work. A simple pat on their head can work.

For more on how you can prepare your pet for holiday boarding, visit Eastern Animal Hospital at our office in Baltimore, Maryland. You can call 410-633-8808 today to schedule an appointment.

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