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Importance of Pet Dental Care

Good and responsible pet owners treat their pets as members of the family. If you decide to adopt a pet, you should be ready to provide love and care for the pet. Housing, feeding, cleaning, and taking care of the pet is a full-time responsibility. Just as you take care of your grooming, your pet’s grooming should also be a priority.

Most people focus on the outward grooming of pets, and they forget that pet dental care is an essential part of grooming. Oral hygiene for pets is vital because of the following reasons:


It Prevents Periodontal Disease


Brushing your pet’s teeth and tongue regularly prevents the buildup of tartar and bacteria, which are harmful to your pet. Periodontal disease such as gingivitis forms in your pet’s oral cavity due to bad oral hygiene. A buildup of food and harmful bacteria over time forms tartar on teeth and gums. This advances to inflammation and infection in the mouth. Advanced periodontal disease results in mouth sores, bleeding gums, and lost teeth.


It Gives Your Pet Fresh Breath


If you love getting playful slobbery kisses from your pets, you will not enjoy them if they have bad breath. A bad breath indicates an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your pet’s mouth. Remnants of food particles stick on the teeth, gums, and tongue after feeding. Layers of food create a conducive environment for bacteria to breed. They give your pet bad breath, and this can advance to oral problems, as well. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly to prevent bad breath.


It Prevents Pets’ Teeth Cavities and Teeth Losses


Just as humans, pets can get cavities and teeth loss due to bad oral hygiene. You should take your pet for a professional tooth cleaning session at least twice a year. Start an oral hygiene routine with your pets if you get them young. This way, they will not fight you when you clean their mouth. Consult with your vet on the technique and the products that you can use to clean your pet’s mouth.


It Improves Your Pets’ Quality of Life


Oral health is a major part of your pets’ general well-being. If your pets have problems in their mouths, they cannot feed well. This means that they may end up dehydrated or malnourished. Sometimes, the buildup of bacteria in their mouths spread into their stomachs when they swallow food. You keep treating tummy problems that never seem to end.

If your pet has pain in the mouth due to periodontal disease, he or she may feel down or become aggressive. Sometimes, the bacteria spread into the bloodstream and cause other serious health problems. Cleaning your pet’s mouth can improve his or her quality of life by preventing some of these problems.


It Saves You Money in the Long Run


In most cases, prevention is better than cure. Having a dental care routine for your pet saves you from spending a lot of money later. Dealing with advanced oral health issues costs more than having a good routine. When you have a healthy pet, you have a happy pet.


To know more about pet dental care, visit Eastern Animal Hospital at our facility in Baltimore, Maryland. You can also call 410-633-8808 to book an appointment today.

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