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Summer Pet Safety: Hot Cars, Burnt Paws, and More

Everybody loves summer, even pets. It is usually the best time for many to be out and enjoy all the sunshine and blue skies. Temperatures stay warm and keep rising as the sun shines brighter. However, taking care of your pet is ideal at this time of the year as it can pose some risks to them. Read on to find out what you need to keep in mind for summer pet safety.


Avoid Hot Cars


Leaving your pet in your car for even five minutes during summer can cause them to suffocate and have a heat stroke. Parked cars can get hot and dangerous for pets.


Ideally, leave your dog at home where they are safe if the day is warm. The heat from the day can reach 39 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes. In such conditions, your pet’s cooling system becomes ineffective. 


If you cannot leave your pet home and must drive around with them, carry some water. 


Avoid Taking Walks on Hot Pavements


Pets burn their paws a lot during summer. The heat from the sun can heat pavements and make it torturous for pets to take walks when it is hot. If unsure about the pavement temperature, you can test it with your hands. You can also try to take walks in the evening or early mornings when the weather is cool.


Keeps Your Pets Under Shades and Hydrated


Pets are usually thirstier on warm days than on other days. Ideally, have fresh drinking water available for them when they need it to keep them hydrated throughout summer. They also do not know other means of cooling from the heat apart from drinking and panting. Keep your pets under shades often during the summer heat.


Cats and dogs enjoy direct sunlight. However, they can overheat and get heat strokes. You can get your pets a kiddy pool to keep them cool.


Protect Your Pet From Parasites


Some parasites like fleas are usually dormant in places such as furniture and carpets in homes. However, the warmth and heat of summer awaken them. They jump onto your pet whenever they sense vibration. They then begin biting and causing allergic irritations. Visit your veterinarian to find the best ways to prevent your pet from getting parasites.


Your Pet Can Get Sunburns


Pets also get sunburns like human beings. They can be painful, and if your pet gets overexposed to the sun, they can get skin cancer. Your veterinarian can recommend sunscreens only for pet use to ensure safety in the hot sun.




The summer season is about fun and enjoyment. However, snacks and treats enjoyed during this season can cause harm to pets. Foods such as chocolate, grapes, macadamia nuts, ham, and avocado can cause severe internal damage that may result in death.


Ideally, be careful about what you feed your pet and ensure they cannot access places where you have hidden such feasts. They are likely to get such treats in rubbish bags, handbags, and foods left on the table, among other places in your home. Talk to your veterinary to know what foods are suitable for your pet and which ones to avoid.


Pet Identification


Your pet can wander away when you are not at home or if you have a social function on your premises. Losing pets is common during summer due to so much activity. Ideally, ensure your pet has clear identification, such as microchipping or a collar with your name and phone number.


For more about pet safety, visit Eastern Animal Hospital at our office in Baltimore, Maryland. Call 410-633-8808 to book an appointment today.

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