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Tips To Be a Better Human for Your Pet

Tips To Be a Better Human for Your Pet



Being a pet owner comes with many responsibilities. After all, you are solely responsible for keeping your furry, feathered or scaly family member safe, healthy and happy. If you aren’t particularly experienced at looking after animals, it can be hard to know exactly what to do and the best ways that you can do this. Fortunately, providing top quality pet care doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our top tips for being the best possible human and owner for your precious pet. 



Understand their species and breeds



Although certain rules almost certainly apply to all pets, every species and even breed of animal is special in its own way. Just like humans, pets have different characteristics, and understanding these is crucial if you are going to be the best human possible to them. For example, some breeds of dog are extremely high and require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and prevent them from developing destructive behaviors. Meanwhile, others prefer a much quieter, calmer environment and providing this will make them much happier. 



Stay aware of their preventative care



Just like humans, animals can benefit from a variety of preventatives that can stop them from becoming unwell. The types of preventatives available vary from vaccinations for many of the most serious and potentially deadly diseases, to spot-on, oral and topical treatments that work to keep things like fleas and ticks and the diseases that they carry away from your pet. Your vet will be able to advise you which preventatives your pet needs and how often they should be administered.



Don’t let them get lonely



The last few years has seen us all spending more time at home than ever before, but with as we learn to live with Covid-19, an increasing number of people are getting back to pre-pandemic times, and for many, this means going back to the office. Animals that were used to lots of human company during the day can become stressed during this transitional period, and it’s best not to leave your pet alone too often and for too long at all if you can help it. Separation anxiety is a real issue for many pets and can lead to destructive or attention-seeking behaviors. If you need to be at work in the day, see if you can arrange for a friend, neighbor or even pet-sitter to pop in and visit them.



Provide entertainment



Mental stimulation is just as important as exercise, and animals enjoy a wide variety of different types of entertainment from toys and games to people-watching and even taking in a movie – especially if there are other creatures on the screen! 



Clean up after them



Whether you’ve got a smaller, caged pet or a cat or dog, no animal enjoys being surrounded by their own mess. In fact, cats will actively avoid using their litter box if it is too dirty. Keeping on top of toileting is also essential for making sure that your home is healthy and odor-free. Wherever your pet does their business, be that at home or outside, clearing up after them is the right thing to do!



Take your pet for annual wellness exams



It’s not always easy to tell when our pets are unwell. After all, they can’t tell us verbally, and many symptoms can be easily overlooked by a busy owner. Annual pet wellness exams are designed to be an important part of their preventative care as they enable your vet to give your animal a comprehensive assessment and check for any abnormalities or issues that could indicate that they are unwell. Exactly what’s involved can vary between vets, but usually, owners can expect their pet to be given a physical examination in addition to being asked various questions about their pet’s lifestyle and behavior. If necessary, further diagnostic testing such as blood tests, fecal samples and more can be requested. 


Want more tips on how to be a better human for your pet? Visit our experienced veterinary team today at Eastern Animal Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Call 410-633-8808 today.

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