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Tips to Keep Your Older Pet Happy

Is your pet breathing a little harder after your usual walks or having trouble jumping onto your bed these days? This could be a sign that your furry friend is aging, and you need to adjust to their lifestyle needs.

As pets become elderly, they may slow down. They need a lot more love, tender care, and support. With the right balance of focused and protective care, you can extend the life of your pet. Here are tips you can include in your pet's care routine to help them have a happy older life.


Watch Your Pet’s Food

As your pet grows older, they may not eat as much food as they used to. That is because older pets tend to have diet issues. These issues could include loss of appetite, difficulty chewing, digestive problems, and obesity, among others. Ask your vet whether you should change your pet’s diet and get advice on the best food for your pet.

A change in diet could include feeding your pet more fiber to help with digestion or reducing the number of carbs your pet eats to keep a healthy weight. Also, find out the correct amount of food to give your pet and the best exercise plan.


Exercise Your Pet’s Mind and Body

Aging pets feel pain and have trouble doing the physical exercises they used to love. Yet, exercise continues to be vital for their health and well-being. Take your pet on short strolls as you monitor their pace and breathing to make sure nothing is wrong. Your pet’s mind needs some level of exercise, too. Interesting toys like food puzzles help keep your pet’s brain stimulated.


Check Your Pet’s Teeth

Dental hygiene is necessary even for pets, especially as they age. Your pet may start having foul breath and dental diseases as they age. This is why it is important to brush their teeth regularly and take them for professional dental cleaning once in a while. 

This can help prevent dental illnesses and decay. It can also help your pet avert the chewing issues highlighted earlier. If your pet does not like having their teeth cleaned, consider dental toys and treats.


Age-Proof Your Home

As your pet ages, their vision may become poor, and your pet may have trouble seeing clearly as they walk. Keep your floor clear of electronics, wires, and other items that may endanger your pet. Also, give your pet a thicker blanket to lie on to ease pressure on their joints when lying down.


Vet Checkups

You may have to take your aging pet to the vet after every six months. This is because as pets grow older, they are more likely to get sick with arthritis and other illnesses. Regular checkups can pick up health issues early, and early diagnosis and treatment can extend your pet’s life.

To learn more about how to keep your older pet happy, visit Eastern Animal Hospital at our office in Baltimore, Maryland. You can also call (410) 633-8808 to book an appointment today.

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