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What You Should Do During a Pet Emergency

Pet emergencies come in many forms. In the same way, you are well prepared for emergencies in case a family member gets hurt, you need to have plans in place for your pet. You should have some basic skills in pet first-aid in case your pet gets a seizure or is choking.

Before Going to the Veterinarian

For some of the most common pet emergencies, here are a few things you can do before getting professional help.

When Your Pet Is Choking

If you find your pet is unconscious, it is probably choking. In such a situation, you should open its mouth and attempt clearing whatever object is blocking its airway. On the other hand, if your pet is conscious but choking, you can attempt doing a certain version of a modified Heimlich maneuver.

To do this, lay your pet on its side and start to apply pressure just behind the ribs as you press your hand forward. Doing this motion repetitively might help push the object out. You should continue doing this maneuver as you go to the vet.

When Your Pet Is in a Road Accident

One of the most important things to mind here is your safety first. This is because an injured animal can be quite aggressive and bite you. So, use a belt, towel, or scarf to muzzle it. However, do not do this if it is vomiting.

Then, gently slide the pet onto a blanket or towel and get the animal off the road. If you own a pet, a blanket or a towel should be in your vehicle’s first-aid kit. Ensure the injured pet is warm since it is probably in shock. Do not lift or move the pet too much, especially if there are visible signs of broken bones.

When Your Pet Ingests Poison

There are many household items in the market today that are poisonous to your pets. They could be in the form of insecticides, antifreeze, sugar-free gum, raisins, and even aspirin, to name just a few. But do not fret.

Most of them have antidotes and rarely result in severities if treated on time. It helps to have your vet on speed dial for such emergencies. Call them and they could guide you on how to help your pet before taking it to them for a more comprehensive treatment.

When Disaster Strikes

Even after familiarizing yourself with the common disasters prone to hit your area, sometimes they strike without warning. For this reason, you should always be ready. Ensure your pet always wears a tag or a collar with your updated information. A microchip could be a more efficient way to ensure your pet does not get lost. Always have the leash near an exit, as well as a well-stocked pet emergency kit.

In case of the abovementioned pet emergencies and more, ensure you have access to expert help on hand.

For more on what you should do during a pet emergency, visit Eastern Animal Hospital at our office in Baltimore, Maryland. You can call 410-633-8808 today to schedule an appointment.

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