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Krista Wu, DVM

Stéphie-Anne Dulièpre, DVM

Dr. Krista Wu is originally from Long Island, NY but has been living in the Midwest for almost 8 years. She is excited to be back on the East Coast with her partner and two fur babies. Dr. Wu has a dog named Baylisascaris (“Bayli” for short) and a cat named Moka. Dr. Wu studied at Michigan State University during her undergrad years and spent a few years working on a research dairy farm. After that, Dr. Wu decided to pursue her veterinary degree at Purdue University where she concentrated in small animal medicine. Dr. Wu really enjoys soft-tissue surgery and is interested in exploring acupuncture as well. During her free time, Dr. Wu loves trying new foods, cooking, baking bread and pastries, and going on hikes with her dog

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