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Jasmine Jamison-Geist, Patient Care Manager

Jasmine Jamison-Geist, DVM

Jasmine is the Patient Care Manager here at Eastern Animal Hospital. Jasmine has lived in many different places including Maryland, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. Jasmine has worked in veterinary medicine for eight years. She is fear free certified and enjoys tailoring the hospital experience for our more anxious pets.

Jasmine started her career in veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant and quickly established herself as a leader. Jasmine finds great pleasure developing her team and creating the space for them to thrive.

Jasmine resides in Baltimore with her husband, two biological daughters and her ever changing non biological children. Jasmine has a silly great dane Klaus, a great dane puppy named, Zero, and two guinea pigs Fred/Gary. In her free time Jasmine volunteers as a CASA for the city of Baltimore. She also enjoys spending time with her family and finding/creating adventures for them. Jasmine is excited to live in such a diverse city and loves exploring Baltimore.

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