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What is Petdesk App?

As a benefit to our clients, Eastern Animal Hospital offers pet owners access to the latest health information concerning your dog or cat, along with other features that support their wellness and overall quality of life. When you register for your FREE Petdesk App, you have secure, round-the-clock access to convenient benefits, which allow you to:

  • Review your pet’s recent health history and medication schedule.

  • Set appointment requests and email reminders.

  • Find pet health information using our handy Care Guides.

  • Post your favorite pet pictures.

  • Communicate with our practice 24/7.

How do I view my Petdesk App?

The login box is located at the top of this page. From our home page, press the Petdesk App button at the top of the page. Enter your registered e-mail address and password into the login box. You must have “cookies” turned on in your browser in order to sign-in. You can bookmark this sign-in page, but not your Petdesk App, since it exists only when you are actually signed in.

What do you do with my e-mail address?

We use your e-mail address as your Petdesk App sign-in name. You have the option of receiving your pet’s service reminders (vaccinations, exams, etc.) by e-mail. We also use e-mail address to contact clients about practice updates and important health news, such as information about West Nile Virus.

If you’d prefer not to receive e-mails from us, you can use your Petdesk App to change your e-mail preferences. You will still be able to use your Petdesk App, even if you choose not to receive e-mails from us.

Do you sell your mailing list?

No. We do not sell our mailing list. We do occasionally work with animal health companies to offer discount coupons and other promotions for products and services that we believe are beneficial to our patients. We do not disclose your personal information.

How much do the Petdesk App cost?

Petdesk App are a service we provide FREE of charge to all clients with active e-mail addresses.

What can I do with my Petdesk App?

You can use your Petdesk App to manage your pet’s health care and medication schedule, communicate with us online, and learn more about your pet’s individual health and life-stage issues.

Do I need a separate Petdesk App for each pet?

No! Your Petdesk App contains health information for each pet with an active file in your account with us. Remember, in order to have an active account, your pet must have visited our hospital.
(If you see any information about your pet or account that needs to be updated, you can use the Petdesk App to let us know)

How secure is my Petdesk App?

Your Petdesk App resides on a secure server protected by a fire wall. Your personal information cannot be accessed by other Petdesk App users.

Your Petdesk App is created each time you sign in. When you are not signed in, your Petdesk App does not exist. This means that it’s impossible for someone to find and view your account on the open Internet. Only you (and anyone with whom you choose to share your sign-in name and password) can see your pet’s information.

Pet Health Resources

We are committed to providing you with the latest in pet health information. This information is for educational purposes only to help you understand your pet’s healthcare needs. Please contact us directly for specific concerns about your pet.

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Over 1200 articles professionally written and updated by practice experts and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date high quality client information.

How-To Videos

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Pet Health Checker

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